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360 views increase conversions

But setting them up can be a real pain. You need to figure out JavaScript, hosting, and repeat for every product.

A Better Way

RotoSnap offers a plug-and-play solution to embed 360 views of your products – or anything else for that matter – on your website.

Upload and embed. Done.

RotoSnap takes care of all the heavy lifting surrounding file upload and hosting.The widget hooks into an input with class of simple-file-upload and replaces it with a dropzone.The user drops a file and the file is automatically uploaded to cloud storage via a direct upload.Files are served via a CDN which is imperitive in today's modern megabyte-sized website world.

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Will it work for me?

Yes! It can work with all kinds of languages and backends. RotoSnap can be embedded into any HTML using an iframe or via a javascript snippet or React component.

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